What should I do today?

2022-06-18 0 By

Today is the fifth day of the first lunar month, which is a good day to have a set of “big action”. The fifth day is also commonly known as “Po Wu”, which is called “neither break nor stand”. There is a saying that during the Spring Festival, you should not clean or break things…But these taboos can be lifted once the fifth day is over, which is why the fifth day is called “Po Wu”, that is to say, you can sweep the floor today!In fact, the customs around the festival has a great difference but it highlights!!On this day, if only to meet the god of wealth that I can only say that the much-anticipated Beijing Olympics has been opened today, the most important thing is that is a must for our Olympic athletes refueling ah, of course, also hope that all athletes can get good grades in the Olympics left good memories at the same time also to show the world the Olympic spirit of light in the also don’t forget the rice oh ~ come onSupervise | butyl future Zheng Li edit | chenny correspondent | Chen zhong Pan Qian * all peer originator, reprint please indicate the source.