Plant doctors have supported more than 20 million yuan to help the development of Chinese women’s football

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China beat South Korea 3-2 in the final of the Asian Women’s Cup on Feb 6 to clinch the trophy for the first time in 16 years.In order to pay tribute to the competitive spirit of The Chinese national women’s football team, the Chinese cosmetics brand Plant Doctor announced to become the official partner of the Chinese National women’s football Team, and invested more than 20 million yuan to support the development of The Chinese women’s football team and promote the dream of becoming a sports power.This is the only brand in the beauty industry that has helped Chinese women’s football, and it is also the largest amount of support that Chinese women’s football has received from the beauty industry.(Plant doctors have invested more than 20 million yuan to support the development of Chinese women’s football Team.) Striving hard and pursuing perfection is the belief of every athlete, and also the motivation for plant doctors to continue exploring.With alpine plants with high altitude, long sunshine and large temperature difference as raw materials, botanical doctors are always exploring the magical skin-care effects of rare alpine plants, and are committed to discovering safer and more effective formulations through scientific and technological research.In 2014, Plant Doctor and Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences established the “Plant Doctor RESEARCH and Development Center”. With the support of national scientific research strength, the product matrix of alpine plants has been continuously upgraded, and its products are favored by Chinese and even global consumers.(Fuli Palace Plant Doctor Experience Hall, Kunming Institute of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences) The Chinese women’s football girls in the Asian Cup were so excited and moved that they fought bravely and won glory for the country.As a representative of national cosmetics brand, Botanist also hopes to make a contribution to the cause of Chinese women’s football, not only to respect, but also to follow and learn the fighting spirit.Chinese women’s football team is one of the important representatives of the national sports card, which symbolizes the bright hope of China’s sports career.As a national makeup brand, Plant Doctor also has the determination to bring high-quality national makeup products into the world stage, to show the world the high level and rapid development of China’s beauty makeup industry, to build the global popularity of national makeup, and to let the world see the speed of China’s thriving.In the future, Phytology Doctor will continue to strongly support The Chinese women’s football tournament and contribute to the national brand strength to promote the development of China’s sports cause. Meanwhile, we also look forward to the continued progress of China’s football cause and more proud achievements.Plant doctors will also uphold the spirit of continuous progress, continue to explore the beauty of alpine plants muscle energy, is committed to the majority of consumers to bring more safe and effective alpine plants skin care products, protect the skin, protect the beauty.(Disclaimer: the content of this article is published or reproduced by this website, which only represents the author’s personal views and has nothing to do with this website.For readers’ reference only, and please verify the relevant content.)