“The world” Zhou Nan admitted to Tsinghua, Zhou Zhigang has to die, it is the world of impermanence

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The hit TV series “The World” is in its 38th episode.Zhou Nan just admitted to Tsinghua before long, Zhou Zhigang has to die, it is the world of impermanence.Brief introduction: Feng Huacheng cooked a table of food and shared it with Zhou Rong.Zhou Rong was very moved, but also said that their lack of marriage, hope to be a good wife and mother.Feng Turned to Zhou Rong said to divorce, and say the derailment object is Wang Zi.Zhou Rong insisted that he was just young impulse to Feng Cheng, not love.Feng Huacheng sleeves and walk, leaving zhou Rong crying for dinner.CAI Xiaoguang comfort Zhou Rong CAI Xiaoguang learned about Zhou Rong, came to comfort her, Zhou Rong on CAI Xiaoguang’s shoulder on the cry.Zhou Zhigang and Feng Yue just came back, Zhou Zhigang very angry daughter’s behavior, Zhou Rong busy explanation.That Feng Huacheng to divorce, Zhou Zhigang immediately found him, and slapped him in the face.Feng Yue stopped her angry grandfather.No Feng Into the day, Zhou Rong fussy cooking.Feng Yue often went to the ballroom and came home late.Grades are also backward, which makes Zhou Rong is very worried.In desperation, Zhou Rong found Zheng Juan, hope Zheng Juan can agree to Zhou Nan and Feng Yue together.Zheng Juan was disgusted.Zheng Juan happy for his son Zhou Rong can only find Zhou Nan, I hope he can persuade her daughter.Zhou Nan feng Yue pulled back from the ballroom.He said he liked Feng Yue and hoped that they could meet in Tsinghua University and hugged Feng Yue.And ever since.Feng Yue no nonsense, began to study hard.Zhou Nan was admitted to Tsinghua University, and his neighbors were happy for him.Zheng Juan is very happy.Yu Hong want Qiao Chunyan to help introduce work, Sun Qiaoqiaoshi temporary do very hard.I didn’t make enough money to support my family.Qiao Chunyan has not had time to introduce Yu Hong to the women’s federation, the director brought xiao He into the office.And to talk to Qiao Chunyan.Yu Hongqiao Chunyan was transferred to the bath center when the deputy general manager.She went back to her mother’s home to complain.Joe mother complained that if she married Zhou Bingkun, now she is the deputy mayor of the sister-in-law.Qiao Chunyan turned and walked away.Qiao Chunyan on the way back, met waiting for yu Hong, Qiao Chunyan said he was not in the previous post, also can’t help Yu Hong what busy.Yu Hong said she understood.In the evening, Zhou Bingkun advised Zheng Juan, agreed to Zhou Nan and Feng Yue together.Zheng Juan also said he liked Feng Yue this child, just to injustice Zhou Bingkun.Zhou Bingkun in the hotel to celebrate Zhou Nan admitted to Tsinghua university, and told Zhou Nan, he has the right to choose their own life and happiness.As long as he liked Feng yue, his parents no longer objected.Zhou Nan is very happy.Qiao Chunyan Yu Hong to bath center, Qiao Chunyan privately with general manager Qin Shoude asked to leave Yu Hong, even when a cleaner.Qin Shoude asked Qiao chunyan to set him up with Gong Weize, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau.Gong wei and Qin Shoude socialized for a while. When he returned to the office, he found two tea canisters sent by Qin Shoude filled with banknotes.Yu Hong in cleaning, accidentally see customers and massage woman hug together, she hurried to tell Qiao Chunyan, and said he wanted to resign.Qiao chunyan advised her to do her own work and ignore other people’s business.In the evening, Yu Hong told Sun Qiaitao what happened that day.Sun Said his sister, Sun Xiaoning, would be back for Spring Festival.Gong Wei wu Qian and Xiao Guoqing because xiao father fight.Originally, xiao Fu because Wu Qian inserted the door at night, can not enter the house, I do not know where.Everyone helped to find Xiao Fu.Gong wei told Qiao that Xiao Fu had been frozen to death in the coal pile in the boiler room.I just hope Qiao chunyan doesn’t say he froze to death.Xiao family learned that Xiao father did not, are very sad.Zhou Zhigang suddenly fainted while playing chess with Zhou Cong.Zhou and his friends drove their father to the hospital.Qiao Chunyan, Yu Hong and Wu Qian all took care of Li Suhua.In Wuhan Zhou Rong and also in the field of Zhou Bingyi learned that his father was in hospital, hurried back.Zhou Zhigang fainted doctor told Zhou Bingkun, prepare for his father!Now that the plot is over, here’s the point.Zhou Nan gets one’s wish to take an examination of Tsinghua University, Zhou Zhigang faints suddenly however, be about to die.The Zhou family is happy and sad for a while.Zhou Nan, a good boy, finally lived up to expectations and was admitted to Tsinghua University.And he has a wish, that is to meet Feng Yue in the university.Because feng Yue and Zhou Nan things.Zheng Juan has been opposed, the reason is afraid of neighbors know Zhou Nan is not Zhou Bingkun’s flesh and blood.Not only was Chow laughed at, he couldn’t hold his head up.Zhou Nan gets the college admission notice the whole family also keeps secret for this.But Luo Shibin to children, just let Zhou Nan know his origin.He’s had low self-esteem. He’s had heartbreak.But Zhou Nan abandoned impetuous, and did not accept luo Shibin’s arrangement to study abroad.He only hopes to realize his dream by his own strength.In and Feng Yue love this thing, Zhou Nan can only listen to his mother, he does not want his mother sad, be laughed at.He loves Feng Yue, but can not express, love is very painful.Feng Yue is also very sad.In Zhou Rong’s persuasion, Zhou Nan to Feng Yue say true thoughts of the heart.Feng Yue to Zhou Nan to study hard, in fact, love is a double-edged sword, use good, two people work together, use is not good, can only fall.Zhou Nan and Feng Yue are positive children together.Zhou Nan Zhou Bingkun also no longer oppose Zhou Nan and Feng Yue things, after all, Zhou Nan grew up, have the right to choose their own life, as the adoptive father of their own can not deprive him of the right to choose love.This is also a generous side of Chow.Zheng Juan can only listen to Zhou Bingkun’s opinion.Zhou Nan did not think, adoptive father can be so open-minded agreed.He also respected Chow more.Zhou’s family is even more happy that Zhou Nan is admitted to Tsinghua University, and the neighborhood is happy for them.But after happiness, there is sorrow, there is no good thing forever, this is life.Zhou Zhigang did not stay at home for a few years of the old man, suddenly fainted in the ground, the doctor informed Zhou Bingkun, prepare for the future!This is something that no one could have imagined.It’s also a worry for the Zhou family.Zhou Zhigang zhou Zhigang went to Chongqing in 1969, 12 years later, he was reunited with his family.In 1988, Zhou Zhigang retired home.After 19 years of time, Zhou Zhi just completely home, restless he went to Wang Village to play the rest of the heat.Zhou Zhigang has tenderness, but also has iron bone.To his wife Li Suhua, he is full of love, to the roadside selling puppy girl, he is full of pity.To his son Zhou Bingkun, Zhou Zhigang and full of hate, he hate Zhou Bingkun no promise, unenterprising.He hated him for his disobedience, for his obstinacy.Zhou Rong Zhou Zhi just had a quarrel with her youngest son and beat him.This is zhou Zhigang’s character.When he learned that Feng Turned into betrayed her daughter, immediately went to Find Feng Turned into, in the street is Shouting feng Turned into the name, this is zhou Zhigang’s anger.Zhou Zhigang played Feng Huacheng slap in the face, his anger and anger interpreted a father’s deep love for his daughter, not willing to give up her daughter wronged psychology.Think of daughter to pay for Feng Huacheng and now injustice, Zhou Zhigang to gas.The past, and in front of the Feng Has not been the down-and-out and helpless people.Once xiao father Xiao mother Zhou Zhigang clank iron is his ability to protect her daughter, for her daughter, he can ignore, to Feng Turned into a curse, beat him.But also because of granddaughter Feng Yue’s block, he just stopped.The man was, after all, Ms. Feng’s biological father.Zhou held back the final line.His granddaughter, he is full of tenderness.And xiao father’s death also foil the end of Zhou Zhigang.The impecunious life of xiao home lets Wu Qian become callous, at the moment Wu Qian is more despicable.Gong Wei is afraid of Xiao Guoqing and Wu Qian dispute, dare not tell xiao father frozen to death.This is also a tragedy for the Shaw family.Critically ill Zhou Zhigang Zhou Zhigang see this scene is also very sad.The same is the daughter-in-law, Zheng Juan never complained, but also live together with her in-laws, in fact, Zheng Juan also have their own old house, if she wants to go out to live, there is this condition, but Zheng Juan is so kind and virtuous woman, to confused mother-in-law, never complain.Zhou Zhigang is pleased to have a good daughter-in-law, but did not expect to play chess with grandson Zhou Cong he suddenly fainted in the ground.A blessing in disguise is a blessing in disguise.That’s life. Things change.The joy that Zhou Nan took an examination of Tsinghua University experienced zhou Nan, should face the father Zhou Zhigang that is about to die again at the moment.There are ups and downs. Things change