A combination of “146” and “Beautiful New Street” to “Future City”

2022-06-20 0 By

January 14 this year, Xiaoshan formally implemented the “eight corps” strategy, in order to explore the “steamed small cage” urban development model.Xinjie, surrounded by the space of “Shibei”, “Qiaonan” and “Airport Economic Demonstration Zone”, how to take advantage of the situation to open a new round of “breakout”?On February 15, the “beautiful new Street” construction pledge meeting, “new street plan” is coming out.The conference officially released the “146” strategy, which is to focus on the strategy of “High-level construction of” Drunken New Street, Future City “, to achieve the four goals of “drunken New Street”, “Innovative New Street”, “Book New Street” and “safe new Street”, and to fight six tough battles.It includes comprehensive environmental remediation, spatial consolidation, life safety, industry quality improvement, cultural prosperity and soft power improvement, so as to create a “new model of industry-city integration and a new model of common prosperity”.It can be predicted that the New street under the guidance of “146” strategy will become the basic unit of deep integration of “industrial and urban culture” in the next five years.In terms of “production”, Xinjie will further concentrate on the development of biomedical industry, focusing on the introduction of high-end medical devices and molecular diagnosis industry.At the same time, the “New Street Smart Manufacturing 2.0” plan was implemented to promote 20 traditional enterprises to implement digital transformation and build “future factories”.In addition, the new street will also launch the “beer town” investment promotion, adjust the business format of Zhejiang (China) Flower and wood City, and attract live-streaming projects.On the “city” side, the new street will strengthen the “connection” with various “corps”, including roads, landscape and so on.For example, in combination with the comprehensive environmental improvement of “Welcome Asian Games”, the “ten roads and one hundred miles” promotion will be carried out, and the clean line action and landscape reconstruction will be completed along the main roads such as Sanyi Road and Haitang Road. The preliminary preparation for the new section of the First road construction project will be carried out, and the construction of the Second Road and the New Street avenue will be planned simultaneously.In terms of human resources, a civic center (cultural and sports center) will be built, changshan Cultural and sports Park and rural country park will be planned, and the future urban leisure life scene will be accelerated.In terms of “culture”, based on the red deeds of Xu Meikun, the first party member of workers in Zhejiang, we will carry out cultural creativity derivation, build Meiling Academy and Hang Zhi Art Museum, and drive the concrete operation of village cultural auditorium and cultural home with this as the core.It is understood that while fighting the six major battles, the new street also synchronously launched the “I love the new Street” nationwide action.”The ‘Beautiful New Street’ is not only our home, but also the culture, feelings, values and endless vision of the city of the future that we are always seeking.”The main person in charge of the Party Working Committee of Xinjie Street said that to build the “beautiful New Street”, all the new and old people who are rooted in xinjie street and love xinjie street should maintain their enthusiasm, cultivate their feelings of family and country, and pursue the common sense of belonging, identity, sense of value and happiness together.