Tongren 2022 Promotion meeting of Famous Teachers, Principals and Class Teachers was held in Yinjiang

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We should pursue development as a group, strengthen our weak links and enhance our capabilities.On February 25, tongren’s 2022 Promotion meeting of Famous Teachers, Principals and Class teachers was held in The Second Middle School of Yinjiang Autonomous County.All the staff of the city management office, the director of the teaching and research office of the district (county) Education bureau, the director of the district (county) and above the city famous school (park), famous teachers, famous class teacher studio hosts attended the meeting.At the meeting, dai Zebin, a national famous teacher, shared “follow the party’s words and follow the Party’s walk, set up their own talent to achieve a better situation”, and explained in a simple way that educators in the new era should strengthen their political consciousness, constantly update their educational ideas, set up correct values and do a good job of guiding students.Provincial famous teacher LAN Xianfang shared the experience of famous teacher and High Quality Development of School, and analyzed the relationship between famous teacher and school.Provincial famous teacher Zhang Jinhua used the vivid “spirit of women’s football” to explain the mission and responsibility of contemporary teachers. The key to reshape Tongren education lies in grasping education is grasping development, and strengthening education is the first step to strengthen teachers.After the exchange and sharing, the director of the municipal Educational Science Research Institute gave a training on how to do well collective lesson preparation and teaching routine management of the “Three” studio.The meeting democratically recommended the “three” working group leaders and deputy leaders.In recent years, Tongren city has continuously strengthened the construction of famous schools (kindergartens), famous teachers and famous class teachers, comprehensively deepened the reform of the “Three” work, effectively improved the quality of the “three” studio training, and boosted the high-quality development of the city’s education and teaching.At present, the city has a total of 530 “three” employees above the municipal level, and 268 “three” studios above the municipal level.Yinjiang attaches great importance to the professional development of teachers, regards the work of “three teachers” as the focus of improving the overall quality of teachers, and insists on the five keys of “construction, management, education, application and support”.In 2021, there will be one new “Guizhou Spirit Famous Teacher”, five provincial backbone teachers, one municipal famous headmaster, two famous teachers, three famous class teachers, and five cultivation objects of chief famous teacher in East Guizhou.Now there are 42 “Three Masters” studios at provincial, city and county levels. “Three Masters” studios have become a hatchery for yinjiang teachers to cultivate famous and excellent teachers and a booster for teachers’ professional development.(Yinjiangrong Media Center reporter Mei Yajun yu Runna) Supervisor: Zuo Yuhua Editor-in-chief: Jiang Zhijiang Deputy Editor: Zhang Zeqin Reviewer: Wu Shilin, Tian Yong Editor: Zou Xueqing Statement:The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, and we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)