Fedora Linux 36 Beta is now available for download

2022-06-21 0 By

After a slight delay, the Fedora 36 beta image is available today.In addition to the usual variety of recent package updates, Fedora 36 beta brings some changes, such as the default Noto font, 128-bit IEEE long double ABI for IBM 64-bit POWER LE, replacing the FBDEV driver with SimpleDRM,Use Wayland by default when using NVIDIA proprietary drivers, improve Cockpit, etc.New features in the Fedora Linux version 36 include enabling Wayland sessions by default in GDM for users using NVIDIA’s proprietary drivers, making Noto font the default font for most languages to improve consistency in text rendering, and defaulting to users as administrators in Anaconda Graphics installer,And plocate is implemented as the default location.Version 36 also relocates the RPM database to /var instead of /usr, introduces a new driver module to make it easier to share files with Samba and NFS, supports unit names in Systemd messages, adds /var for new Silverblue and Kinoite installs on their own Btrfs subvolumes,Support for OCI/Docker containers in rpM-Ostree stack, improved Fedora upgrade when module stream upgrade is enabled, and updated package management system to install only newly recommended packages during upgrade.In addition, Fedora Linux 36 removes support for traditional network configuration files in NetworkManager by default with new installations, updates the existing default Malayalam font, and adds new requirements for Akmods binary kernel modules in Silverblue and Kinoite styles.The Fbdev driver was replaced with simpleDRm and DRM Fbdev emulation layers and authSelect was enforced to configure consistency.In terms of Fedora 36 package updates, there is a near-final state of GCC 12,Add Glibc 2.35, Autoconf 2.71, Golang 1.18, OpenJDK 17, LLVM 14, OpenSSL 3.0, PHP 8.1, Postman 4.0, PostgreSQL 14,Ruby on Rails 7.0, etc.Fedora Linux 36 ships with the recently released GNOME 42 desktop environment family for its flagship workstation edition.It also includes support for the latest versions of Fedora Spins KDE Plasma, Xfce, LXQt, LXDE, Cinnamon, MATE, SoaS, and I3 graphics environments.For more information on Fedora 36 change please see Fedora Wiki:https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/36/ChangeSetFedora 36 final goal is officially released before the end of April.Fedora 36 Beta can be downloaded from FedoraProject.org: https://torrents.fedoraproject.org/