In 2021, nanjing handled over 40,000 tax-free new-energy vehicles

2022-06-21 0 By

The reporter learned from the municipal Tax Bureau that in 2021, 46,800 new cars were exempted and 873 million yuan of car purchase tax was exempted.Among them, 40,100 new energy duty-free vehicles, accounting for 85.68%;A total of 697 million yuan, or 79.84 percent of the total, was exempted from tax on new-energy vehicles.In recent years, the state has continued to implement tax incentives for new energy vehicles to help market players recover and enhance their vitality.Since the implementation of the new energy vehicle purchase tax exemption policy in September 2014, by the end of 2021, a total of 97,000 new energy vehicles have been exempted from the tax, accounting for 83.51% of the total number of vehicles exempted from the tax.In the past year, the monthly average number of new energy vehicles in the city was about 3,342, with a year-on-year growth of 265.53%.The proportion of personal consumption of new energy vehicles will increase from 56.35% in 2020 to 64.73% in 2021.The reporter learned from NIO Nanjing Regional Company that in 2021, niO’s sales in Nanjing increased rapidly, showing a trend of doubling year-on-year growth.The company has established a full-scene energy service system. At present, 17 power changing stations have been built in Nanjing, which can realize automatic battery replacement in 3-5 minutes.”The new energy vehicle tax free purchase policy is a real benefit, very attractive to customers.”According to Wu Yan, sales director of NiO Xinjiekou Showroom, the showroom receives about 200 visitors a day and is especially popular during the Spring Festival.The reduction of tax dividends will inject new momentum into the transformation and upgrading of the city’s scientific and technological innovation industries.In 2021, THE duty-free business of BYD brand new energy vehicles ranked first in the city, handling a total of 8,947 new energy vehicles duty-free declaration business, a total of 119 million yuan duty-free, personal consumption accounted for 68.43%.During the implementation of the policy, nanjing tax authorities focused on the diversified needs of taxpayers for tax handling and payment, actively explored new measures for smart tax handling, and thoroughly implemented the “fine service”.Owners in Nanjing who purchase new energy vehicles eligible for tax exemption can directly apply for tax exemption in jiangsu Electronic Tax Bureau or Jiangsu Tax APP and other online or handheld tax channels.