Inner Mongolia will expand soybean planting by 4.3 million mu this year

2022-06-21 0 By

Xinhua Photo source: Vision China Inner Mongolia will further optimize its planting structure and expand soybean planting by 4.3 million mu this year to further tap the potential of soybean production, according to the agriculture and Animal Husbandry department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is an important soybean production base in China, which is a typical high-quality green soybean industrial belt in China.In recent years, Inner Mongolia soybean sown area and total output recovery growth, the highest sown area of 1.825 million mu, ranking the second in the country.According to Wu Xiangliang, director of the Planting Management Department of the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Inner Mongolia has analyzed the potential of soybean expansion by comparing the soybean production situation and planting intention of the allied cities. Based on the opinions of the alliance cities,At present, 3.5 million mu of soybean expansion and 1.6 million mu of soybean and corn strip complex planting task (converted to 800,000 mu of seed clearance area) have been decomposed to Qi County step by step.’This year, Inner Mongolia will use the farmland rotation program to guide the expansion of soybeans in major producing areas,’ Mr. Wu said.Expand the gap in subsidies for soybean and corn producers, driving the majority of farmers to expand soybean planting;Develop agricultural reclamation branch “national team” action, take the lead to expand soya.At the same time, new business entities such as large growers will be guided to develop soybean and corn strip compound planting and realize the expansion of soybean planting.In order to fully complete the task of soybean expansion, Inner Mongolia has set up special working teams step by step, which are responsible for sub-areas, sub-areas and sub-areas, and responsible for coordinating and arranging varieties matching, purchasing agricultural materials, modification and introduction of agricultural machinery and tools.Regional technical guidance experts shall be determined, timely training shall be organized, and technical training shall cover all major soybean growers.It is understood that Inner Mongolia will be through the region and outside the region into the way to prepare soybean seeds, should be prepared before spring sowing.Make plans in advance to ensure the supply of agricultural machinery, guide the modification and research and development of special machines and tools, promote the inclusion of integrated soya and corn seeder in the pilot subsidies for the purchase and application of new agricultural machinery products, and give priority to subsidies, so as to make up for all necessary subsidies.Inner Mongolia to plant 4.3 million Mu of soybeans this year.Editor Zuo Youmin)