Is there a large number of “unwarming households” in the north?District new “ceng warm fee”, central media blunt: illegal!

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In northern cities, the first snow came in the warm spring season, which also meant that the cold winter had officially begun.Although temperatures in southern China are not as low as those in northern cities, the cold air is also being felt.For people in the north, it’s time to turn on the heat.So before the first snow, many northern cities have appeared “heating payment notice”.Is there a large number of “unwarming households” in the north?District new “ceng warm fee”, central media blunt: illegal!For northern cities, central heating in winter is a livelihood issue.But xinhua view reporters recently learned that some locations in northern cities have been stealing heat, rubbing heat phenomenon.This phenomenon not only leads to lower room temperature of other households, but also causes serious problems such as waste of public resources.Reporters in the process of visiting, residents directly broke the news: neighbors do not pay heating costs, resulting in their room temperature dropped.Therefore, the reporter to a smart heating platform to view the heating district.Found: some of the users of some communities are indeed in the state of heat cessation.But what’s interesting is that these neighborhoods are in the middle of the units.The staff of the platform also said that some of these users are hot residents.Later, to one of the households stopped the heat of the interview, she said: I really did not deal with a few heating bills.The main reason is that his house is located in the middle of the floor, and his neighbors turn on their heaters, so that when the heat reaches his house, the indoor temperature can reach about 20 degrees Celsius.It’s ok to wear a light coat at home, even if the temperature is lower on some days.In such cases, even turning on the air conditioner is cheaper than heating bills, she says.In everybody’s reflection, the resident quantity that shows this kind of ceng heat is not little still.They all, like the residents above, have the advantage of their own housing location.So, do not have to pay heating fees can enjoy heating.In addition, the phenomenon of stealing heat and cutting heat also appeared for a long time.Outside some neighborhoods, every home has a pipe valve for service.The opening and closing of these valves is easy to control, which also opens up the possibility of heat theft and interception.Some owners say that even if they do not pay for heating and open the valve privately, the indoor heating will still appear water circulation, such an operation can also play a certain effect.As for these behaviors, experts say, not only can they drag down the room temperature of other residents, but they can also cause damage to heating equipment.Why is that?Because heat itself is a special commodity.It has good conductivity, some users reported to stop rubbing heat, will increase the energy consumption of other users.Therefore, deliberately take such behavior, is a violation of the legitimate rights and interests of others.In the face of such a situation, the property began to “demon”.In order to make the heating bill normal, they require users who stop heating to pay a 30 percent “heating fee,” which naturally caused the dissatisfaction of residents.Although, from a moral point of view, it is immoral and harmful to the interests of others.But from the legal point of view, the property levy “ceng warm fee” does not belong to the category of content management.To this, property company also made own response.They explained that it was also a scoundrel to take such actions.As soon as winter comes, they get a lot of complaints about stealing heat without paying fees. If this situation is not stopped, the number of cases will increase.Subsequently, the property company said: heating costs are unified by the cold and warm management office.Therefore, they do not take such actions for their own interests.Finally, the property particularly emphasizes that such behavior is mainly aimed at households that do not turn on heating.Those who have not been formally occupied and renovated, are not required to bear the cost.So from a legal point of view, how do you look at this?First of all, it is clear that the property to take the “ceng heating fee” is illegal.In accordance with the standards of transaction, commodity housing in the process of transaction, every thing needs to be clearly marked.Apart from these transparent costs, households do not have to bear them.Obviously, “heating fee” is not on the transparent list, the property naturally cannot force every user to turn on the heating.Like this kind of illegal behavior, relevant departments should be timely to stop, residents should also timely feedback to the property management department, in order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.Therefore, such as this kind of censor behavior, the relevant department, did not give specific punishment measures.It’s mainly this kind of phenomenon that’s hard to define from the very beginning.Although many local heating welfare systems have been introduced, there are still a number of cheeky people enjoying the heat.So there is still a long way to go before we can completely solve this kind of problem.Conclusion Turning on or not turning on the heating is indeed everyone’s freedom, but if we decide not to turn on the heating, we should try not to move a twisted mind to ceng the heating.Only with the joint efforts of everyone, the act of censoring heating will gradually disappear.Today’s topic: a large number of “uninvited warming” in northern China?Property charge “ceng heating fee”, central media said: illegal!