Ningyang traffic police on New Year’s Eve street emergency rescue faint girl

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At 10 o ‘clock on January 31, Xu Hua, a police officer of ningyang County Public Security Bureau traffic police Brigade, drove a police car to deliver isolation pier to the epidemic checkpoint in Dongzhuang Town. When he drove from the squadron to a market in Ciyao Town, the vehicle could only pass slowly because it was New Year’s Eve and the crowds were bustling with people.Vehicle driving slowly, suddenly a teenage girl slapped a police car on the right side of the glass, Xu Hua hurriedly stop asking, girl said that her sister anxiously for febrile convulsion fainted, need urgent to send the second people’s hospital, but too many people in the streets, car blocked again, a hard, just can use police help to send in the past, Xu Hua said can immediately.Then a van came behind, and a female comrade with a faint little girl got on the police car. Xu Hua immediately drove the police car, opened the alarm, and shouted to the front of the car to get out of the way, and rushed to the Second People’s Hospital.On the way, the child’s mother cried out her child’s name and cried anxiously. Xu reassured them not to worry and suggested that she try to pinch someone to see if she could wake up.Soon, it took only 4 minutes to reach the second hospital emergency room from 4.5 kilometers.The girl got out of the car and called for a doctor. Xu hua helped another lesbian open the car door, entered the emergency room and handed it over to the doctor. The child’s family thanked the police for their help.The child is said to be in a stable condition and has been hospitalized.H @ � � � = n