Take difficulties as stepping stones, not stumbling blocks

2022-06-21 0 By

▷ Lee S attitude toward difficulties determines the speed and height of success.The difficult as a “stepping stone” cadres, selected first, promotion;People who regard difficulties as “stumbling blocks” are lethargic and waste their time.Why is it that people who take difficulties as “stepping stones” are more likely to succeed?Because success is in the “99 81 difficult”, solve many difficulties after the realization of the “beautiful encounter”.Taking difficulties as a “stepping stone” cadres, in the face of the “urgent and anxious” problems of the masses, always firmly believe that “there are always more ways than difficulties”, and timely and actively appropriate the remedy to seek the “golden key” to solve the problem.Just as the saying goes, when people practice their work, over time they will have a “treasure chest” of mass work. They will be able to do everything with ease wherever they go.Why do people who regard difficulties as stumbling blocks find it difficult to succeed?Because these people have a “fear” in their hearts.In the face of difficulties, they take a detour with their heads down, thinking that “as long as it is good to hide in the past”, but the more you hide from difficulties, the more it comes to you.You know, a problem is a problem until it’s solved.Faced with difficulties choose to bypass, the next time similar difficulties, natural “stare.”And so on, the difficulties snowball.Nowadays, individual grass-roots cadres are stumped by the problems of the masses and either reply in a low voice “I won’t” or “I don’t care”.As time goes by, how can we still talk about the satisfaction of the masses?In a system of “survival of the fittest”, what is there to evaluate and promote?Nothing is difficult to the man who will climb.Difficulty is a “stepping stone”, overcome it to ascend.For grassroots cadres, as long as we take out “rope saw a wood broken, dripping water wears through a stone” of tenacity, the masses “anxious worry hope” problem solved one by one, will be able to “for the official appointment, benefit a party”!