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Friends of the truck network original wechat public number: ECV360 author: Xiong Yue “Ping Ming flick sword to the sky, thin curtain hanging whip drunk return.”Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and there are books and swords and romantic places.In this, not only interwoven with heroes and women’s happiness and enmity, it is haunting, but also permeated with the chivalry of the great iron heart, so that people respect.Whether you are a dignitary or an ordinary person, you must have been influenced by Jin Yong’s wuxia novels.He molded the Lin Lin of all corners of the country figures, still can find fresh mark in each major industry.Xiaobian three cups of wine, a mind wandering, in the pickup river’s lake will find comparable to zhang Wuji’s excellent model.He is the classic under the isuzu seat – “2021 new T17 pickup.”What in the end is similar, and listen to the small editor slowly for the guest officer you slowly way.Those of you who have read jin Yong’s novels and related TV adaptations should know that Zhang Wuji is definitely one of the most popular leading men in the genre.In terms of his family background, appearance level, temperament, kung fu and influence, Zhang Wuji is a perfect match. He is even called “National hero” and “national husband” by many male and female fans.And Qingling Isuzu 2021 T17 pickup truck, in these aspects, also like zhang Wuji, was many card friends affectionately regarded as a generation of national god car.In the family origin, Zhang Wuji’s parents are both wulin rich family, its father Zhang Cuishan was born in the famous Wudang school, is one of the wudang seven chivalry, the mother Yin Susu is the baby daughter of the eagle Lord Baimei Eagle king of the earthquake river’s lake.Even its adoptive father, is also one of the four Dharma Kings of the Ming Dynasty golden lion King Xiexun.Therefore, from a lifetime down, zhang Wuji bloodline is destined to be in the rivers and lakes, with all the heroes to achieve a great cause.Similarly, 2021 new T17 river’s lake family, in the whole pickup industry is also very prestigious.It was born out of Chinese high-end pickup truck maker Keizu Isuzu.As we all know, in the domestic high-end light commercial vehicle manufacturing rivers and lakes, Qingling Isuzu has always been imitated, has never been beyond the reputation.As the Japanese celebrities Japan Isuzu overseas only certified joint venture “school”, Keisuzu has won the Japanese commercial vehicle kung fu legend, in the high-end light truck, pickup truck, medium card and heavy card and other fields with exquisite attestation, and 2021 new T17, is keisuzu in the pickup field of the epitomized.Therefore, from a launch last year, the 2021 new T17 gene is destined to turn the tide in the pickup industry, with many card friends to create brilliant career.Is the so-called: “stranger as jade, childe unparalleled.”Because Zhang Wuji’s parents are famous in the martial arts handsome boy and big beauty, therefore, in the figure and appearance level, Zhang Wuji is both rigid and gentle, not only inherited Zhang Cuishan’s elegant yun, handsome and handsome, but also inherited Yin Susu’s graceful style, beautiful style.Otherwise, Zhao Min, Zhou Zhi if, small zhao, a four big beauty will not fall in love with Zhang Wuji at the same time.There is a saying: “Some memories, doomed to be unable to erase;Some classics are destined to last forever.”Compared to the handsome Zhang Wuji, the 2021 new T17 also has a stunning shape and figure.He inherited the ISUZU pickups classic design, the front grille with U winding plating decoration, increase among ISUZU logo, especially male charm, in addition, the double L integral headlamps with former China open, make the vehicle look more clever and free and easy, reveal personality, along with strengthening of fog lamps contour, the brow look all show temperament of hale and hearty.Of course, the 2021 T17’s handsome looks don’t stop there.For example, his exterior rearview mirror is plated and electrically adjusted, which is both beautiful and practical.For example, the smooth side lines of his body are as enjoyable as flowing water, which not only helps to reduce the wind resistance of high-speed driving, but also enhances the overall look and feel, enough to make many men and women card friends fall in love at first sight, goodbye fall in love.In the book, Zhang Wuji is undoubtedly a clever and savvy man with a little ink in his chest.Otherwise, it would not be self-taught, in the butterfly valley to learn themselves into a medical master, can easily diagnose all kinds of difficult diseases, cure injuries for all wulin people, so that they feel very close and warm heart.Similarly, 2021 new T17 is also “belly poetry gas from China”, is a high wisdom of high-end pickup.For example, he adopted a new design of the central control area and high-tech configuration, especially the whole system of standard car control lock, remote keys, headlamp height adjustment and other details of the configuration, without not show its wisdom.And his four-frame steering wheel feels great, with multi-function buttons integrated on both sides of the steering wheel and cruise control in addition to volume and Bluetooth controls.It also has a large touch-sensitive display that, in addition to a radio, has a Bluetooth phone, an MP5 and GPS navigation system.The accumulation of rich configurations, such as appeal, can not only easily diagnose all kinds of road information, provide better driving guide for card users, but also improve their comfort, let them feel very warm and intimate.Walking in rivers and lakes, it is very necessary to master hard kung fu skills.Zhang mowgli was able to comfort the six branches of light on the top of the siege, when in zoroastrianism, and in the subsequent siege against the Persian always taught, so that finally led the river’s lake people hit the yuan army forces, strong I big fellow country side, at the end of the day, or because his body has sun siddhi, a big move, such as super craftmanship system, can nature bring forth abundant internal force under any circumstances,Can ascend ping to cross water, can also quickly and safely adapt to the challenges of all opponents.Similarly, the 2021 T17 also has a strong internal power system, which can provide a strong internal force in a variety of environments.He is equipped with classic Isuzu 4KH1 guo6 engine, the maximum horsepower is 142, the maximum torque is 320 NM, and the use of Bosch fuel system, not only can greatly improve the low-speed torque, so that climbing, starting more explosive, but also reliable and durable, unlimited power.More importantly, he is the domestic pickup river’s lake, currently the only one using 3.0 displacement power pickup, in conjunction with isuzu MUA 5 gear hand gear transmission, even in the mountains, sand, shoals, narrow road, U-bend, large Angle slope and other complex road conditions under the challenge, but also take it lightly, not worth it.As the saying goes, “Peach and plum spring breeze a cup of wine, river’s lake night rain ten years lamp.”Rivers and lakes are never far away, always around us.It lets us know the vicissitudes of life, poetry, wine and romance.Jin Yong’s world is like this, so is the reality.Perhaps how many times in the dream, we have imagined to become Zhang Moji so, the mighty, full of pride, but also for Zhao Min such a great beauty day and night eyebrow.So, why not now have a pickup truck in the river’s lake zhang Wuji – Qingling Isuzu 2021 new T17?At that time, it is really: a car in hand, the world I have;Be successful and proud.