Here are 9 ways to improve yourself on your first day in the Year of the Tiger

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Today is the first day of the start of the Year of the Tiger, we have to put into the busy work and life.In the New Year, we have set up new plans and goals, but also faced with new opportunities and challenges.Here are 9 ways to improve yourself. Stick to these good habits from day one. May you thrive and prosper in the Year of the Tiger.1. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier, get up 10 minutes earlier The reason so many people stay up late at night is because of their smartphones.Starting today, go to bed 30 minutes earlier without your phone, and you’ll feel refreshed the next day.Setting your alarm for the next day 10 minutes earlier, waking up 10 minutes earlier to do something you want to do, reading, exercising, and cooking breakfast will give you an incredible boost.2. Keep Moving Exercise is the cure for everything.Those who keep exercising for a long time all become better looking, more disciplined, better and healthier to varying degrees.Start by walking an extra 10 minutes or doing 10 push-ups a day. Step by step, step by step, and you’ll get better.3. Appreciate others’ strengths and be aware of your own weaknesses.Learn to look at others with appreciation and take the good things out of them.When you look at someone else’s flaws, be aware that you have similar flaws in yourself.Remember, everything we do is to improve ourselves, not to lower others.4. Keep Reading Reading is the easiest way to improve yourself.If you are often confused and anxious, try to calm down and read a book, from the inside out, let the knowledge of books slowly permeate, over time, you will see things from a wider perspective, do things in a more flexible way, you will love the change in yourself.5. Learn from Failure Life is about ups and downs. To succeed, you must fail.Don’t be depressed because of one or two failures, they can teach us more lessons than success.In the failure to learn from experience, constantly adjust their own thinking and behavior, the road ahead will be more smooth.Everyone is judged on the outside, and a sloppy exterior can be intimidating, no matter how much you have on the inside.It can be delicate, but it can’t be clean.Clean yourself every day, wear the right clothes, and look clean and clean.7. Practice Mindfulness The practice of focusing on one thing over a period of time makes you more productive.To start, try setting an alarm for 10-15 minutes to focus on one thing and build up your concentration over time.8. Find solutions instead of complaining When you encounter difficulties, don’t just think about complaining.The more difficult it is, the more courage to climb, because every step of the road is difficult, is uphill.Many things are not as difficult as you think when you start thinking about them.No matter how difficult it is, there is always a solution.The most difficult thing is that you don’t dare to take the first step.9. Review every night and reflect 15 minutes before going to bed. Reflect on the events of the day, the people you met, and whether you acted appropriately, wasted time, and made progress from yesterday.Constantly review their own, like a doctor, first check out their own shortcomings, weaknesses, and then one by one to remove treatment.A review can be your best tool for self-improvement.People’s Daily Editor: Zeng Weiwei Produced: Zhang Zhenfei Reviewed: Li Yunshu Disclaimer: 1, this platform published information is non-profit news publicity, if there is infringement, please inform to delete, this site does not bear tort liability.2. Reprint or quote the content of this platform shall be marked with the words “transferred from (or quoted from) Wenshan Publication”.3. The Platform shall not be liable for civil disputes, administrative treatment or other losses caused by improper reprinting or quoting of the contents of the website.