Push five models / 131,800 yuan for sale, BYD Yuan PLUS launched

2022-06-22 0 By

February 19, BYD E platform 3.0 first a-class tide running SUV — Yuan PLUS officially launched, A total of 5 models, the official guide price of 131,800 yuan — 159,800 yuan.It is worth mentioning that since the pre-sale of New Year’s Day this year, yuan PLUS domestic orders have exceeded 20,000 units, the high popularity can be seen.As for the new car, its appearance continues the DESIGN language of BYD Dargon Face 3.0. The iconic enclosed front Face of the electric car is paired with black decorative pieces that run through the bottom to create a delicate and sporty visual effect.The slender and flat headlamp group adopts the matrix light source design, which is more scientific and technological atmosphere under the ornament of blue decorative pieces.The side of the new car adopts a simple and efficient design layout, slightly sliding back roof lines and upward extension of the side window shape make the whole tail more compact, at the same time, the new car in the D-pillar also used silver decorative plate to cover, optimize the delicate sense of the side of the body.In terms of size, BYD Yuan PLUS will be 4455/1875/1615mm in length, width and height, with a wheelbase of 2720mm. Although it is positioned as a compact SUV, its internal size has been comparable to many medium-sized SUVs thanks to the advantages of pure electric vehicle layout.The tail design emphasizes the creation of a sense of layering, adopts the through-through taillight layout commonly used by BYD products, lowers the visual center of the whole rear through the downward pressure line at the bottom of the lamp group, and the simple tail door shape and the English logo placed above the lamp group make it more delicate.On the bottom of the design, the yuan PLUS adopts a design technique that echoes the front face. The sharp surrounding lines and the combination of various materials and colors cover to create this three-dimensional motion posture.In terms of interior decoration, BYD Yuanplus does not follow the cockpit layout of the Dynasty family products, but Outlines the sense of layers through more flexible lines. The unique vertical air conditioner air outlet, push-pull door handle and new steering wheel shape all bring sci-fi and fashion visual effects.In addition, yuan PLUS will also be equipped with a whole LCD dashboard, suspension in the control of large screen, electronic file rod and other popular function configuration, PLUS a kind with material performance, class feeling is not less than the product of 200,000 class.In many black technology configuration, APA automatic parking, 360° panoramic transparent image system, full scene digital keys and other convenient functions, make the cockpit full of science and technology.Byd Yuan PLUS will be equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 204 horsepower and a peak torque of 310 N · m. It only takes 7.3 seconds to accelerate to 100 km, comparable to the power parameters of 2.0T.The battery is matched with 50.12kwh and 60.48kwh lithium iron phosphate blade batteries, with a range of 430km and 510km respectively, which can meet the daily travel needs of users.Overall, BYD Yuan PLUS in both appearance, interior and power are outstanding, combined with only 131,800 starting price, it is estimated that it will be a “volume” product, as for the specific market performance, we may wish to wait and see.