The Year of the Tiger

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In the frozen north, the winter of cold, frozen ground and slippery road, which lasts for half a year, brings a lot of inconvenience to the life of the elderly. This inconvenience will become more and more inconvenient and difficult for the elderly to travel as time goes by.His parents were born and raised in Northwest China and studied in Xi ‘an. In the early 1960s, they graduated from university and responded to the call of the state to support the border areas. They were assigned to a small border town in northern Xinjiang and worked until they retired at the age of 60.In the tenth year of retirement, my father’s old friends and classmates invited them to hainan to experience hainan life. They had lived together in Sanya, a tropical city 18 degrees north latitude, for more than three months. My father felt fine, but unexpectedly he did not cry out for warmth.My father was afraid of heat and cold when he was young, which was famous in the cold mountain town of border area. He often didn’t wear a hat when he went out in 3949 days. Most of the time, his hat was held in his hand, and when he rode a bicycle, he would carry his hat on the back rack of the 28 bars.Parents not only in the south of China city of sanya, very afraid of hot father for more than three months, who also couldn’t think of the second year of their friend couple with a bank, the day before the middle of October, urban heating again to go to sanya for the winter, this time they lived there for more than five months, and handed in before you leave sanya is the completion of a down payment of 60 square meters house.With a house in Hainan, my parents, who had been rare since ancient times, have been real migratory birds for a year.Every year around November, the next April around the temperature will go to Hubei, Sichuan, Shanxi and other places to see students, and then back to Xi ‘an for a period of time, generally in the “June 1” back home, and so on for more than ten years unchanged.The first thing they do when they return home and the last thing they do before leaving for Sanya is to have a detailed physical examination at the hospital and prescribe enough medicine, which has become their annual routine.Last year is the year of the ox, they are at the end of may, home of the old father two people so it is in the hospital inspection, the inspection result is satisfactory, is mother’s teeth out a little problem, it is dental hospital doctor said to him, just need about three months time with two teeth, but with two teeth should get now, the year of the tiger to also was not well done.So they delayed their trip to sanya, a migratory bird, because of their mother’s teeth.It is certainly a big deal that my parents, who have been away from home for more than a decade, will celebrate the Year of the Tiger this year.In previous years, the New Year’s Eve dinner is decided by colon, and the time is at noon.My parents, who even have to stay at home, were informed that they had to resign from the New Year’s Eve dinner due to the cold weather and the slippery road and the difficulty of climbing and descending stairs.Although they can not attend, because of the New Year’s Eve, Xuwa also can not attend, but this year’s New Year’s Eve dinner has been increased, more colon brother family three generations of five people.New Year’s Eve noon first in the hotel, after the end of the three of us came to the parents’ house dinner party, vigil play mahjong.Tiger Spring Festival is different!This is the flavor of New Year