Yu-gi-oh! Masters Duel has finally gone platinum 1 with a flash knife

2022-06-22 0 By

Nga-lucky E myself is a Buddhist player, I only play three or four times a day, but fortunately I still grind platinum 1 at the end of the month. I will post the following card group and share my personal understanding of flash dao, if there is any mistake, please give me more advice.Let me explain my understanding of the card set.First up were two DD Ravens, which I hoped would remove some troublesome graveyard effects or exclude some of my opponents’ key cards, but I wasn’t particularly happy with the way I used them, mainly because most of the matches in my environment were Twelve Iron and El Dorado.Here we can discuss it by case.The first is twelve iron, dd Crow only has a bit of blocking effect on twelve iron axis, it is completely useless against the twelve iron axis, the twelve iron axis will only be used in the beginning of the expansion, and in the end of the game most people will directly choose to open up.This also means that in this kind of matchup, the DD Crow can only be effective if he plays at the beginning, and the end game is basically a discards card.Then is el Dorado, dd crow except golden qing looks very beautiful, but in fact, with the bureau is not much, el Dorado first hand, golden Qing under the cemetery, el Dorado after hand, already know that the bureau is a flash knife, the only reason for the cemetery under the golden Qing.If you have a jumper on the field, and in this game, the golden state will retrieve a quick attack drug to prevent you from digging up graves.The main function of this card in my set is to remove the one speed card and the interlocking two speed special in the graveyard. These two cards can be replaced by the house of Cards, trading flexibility and exclusion effects for a larger area of attack.Next, there are two pieces of magic and three pieces of jumping machines. Two pieces of magic are changed by one star. There are no different opinions on most of them, but the three pieces of jumping machines are the main problem.Why do you have three jump machines?Because I want him to draw my hand in the opening, rather than I deliberately waste a resource search point to retrieve him, the third jump machine occupies the slot of the greed pot.Why not lust for the pot?This is because I am afraid of card, the beginning of the greed pot is very brain blood, and even if the end of the greed pot, there is a risk of being interrupted, the same is the resource cycle card, the jump machine to eat most of the kang greed pot can also eat.And except for greed pot of card, but not so useful for jumping off a building machine, but from another sense, jump off a building machine can cheat kang, since there are some magic trap, jump off a building machine and then fire blasting operation, most people won’t make you a successful jump off a building machine, in the pot in greed, greed pot start with not to come out, plus I was craving pot card several words,Finally, he put the greed pot under the pain.There is also a card used by MD Blitz, Caesar Fighting Arena, I don’t take it because this card is not good in my environment, it is really stupid to take this card in the environment of everyone’s electric explosion feather sweep.The reason for the extra belt is that I didn’t play solo and UR beads are not enough. If there are star cups and unicorns, it will be ok to bring the bayonet. As for the reason of the bayonet, I am afraid that the whole access axis will be destroyed due to my effect cover except the pot, so I brought a bayonet to deal with special situations.Finally post a screenshot and ID, if you want to play together can add friends together ah.