3-1!Yan Bingtao broke 100, lost the crown after the race, Ding Junhui tonight, the year of the tiger off to a good start?

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Chinese player Yan Bingtao took the lead in the final round of the 2022 Turkish Masters qualifier on Feb 6, 2018. Yan bingtao took the lead in the final round of the 2022 Turkish Masters qualifier with a 3-1 lead.Ding Junhui will play tonight to make a good start to the year of the Tiger ranking. Zhang Jiankang and Liang Wenbo will also start the China Derby.Yan bingtao is the second best Chinese player this season, behind Zhao Xintong, who was born in the 1990s and won the British Championship and the German Masters.Yan bingtao, who had just lost the Champions League title, was beaten 3-2 in the last four by eventual champion Higgins.In addition, Yan bingtao also reached the final of the German Masters this season, reached the semi-finals of the Northern Ireland Tournament and the Champions League. His latest world ranking is 13th.Yan bingtao has not been affected by missing the Champions League title.In the Turkish Masters qualifier, Yan Bingtao and Holworth were competing for a place in the main tournament. The Chinese player led 2-1 in the first three games and then scored the red ball in the fourth game after trailing 1-4. He scored 101 points in a row to win the match, 3-1, and took the advantage in the best-of-nine match.Ding junhui retired in 2022 due to fever, the Champions League group 6 reached the quarterfinals, group 7 advanced to the final 2-3 lost to Higgins, missed the winner’s group.Tonight Ding Junhui PK Padgett, will impact the year of the tiger red.The Derby between Liang Wenbo and Zhang Healthy will also be staged, and it is worth looking forward to who can advance.