God doesn’t favor anyone, but he does favor those who are striving to be better

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At the end of the Warring States Period, Xunzi, a thinker of the State of Zhao, said, “There is a rule in heaven, which is not true for Yao and jie.”Wang Xiang ning has seed!As long as kung fu deep, iron pestle grinding into a needle, anyone has the opportunity to become their favorite hero!We want to be calligraphers, translators, writers…What are you embarrassed about?Afraid of being teased?A person to set up a lofty ideal is a matter of course, there is no ideal people ridiculous!If you didn’t have dreams when you were a kid, you can rediscover yourself now. It’s never too late to mend.Go your own way and let others talk!He laughs best who laughs last and let him laugh.Wolf with ideal, dare to run amuck, doomed to a lifetime of meat;The pigs were idle and fat and could never get out of the gate.Ancient to today, ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, whether it is only 47 years old snow came the frost Huan Su Xun reputation “, or the passage of only 50 because of Darwin’s “origin of species” fame, and 42, it’s open innovation model and in the years after Mr Zong fabulously rich, have one thing in common, that is: sets up the broad ideal, and the ideal screwing in the end!They never remain silent or follow the vicissitudes of the world, nor do they think that “life has to be what it is sometimes, and life has to be what it is not”. Instead, they persevere and never relax to change their fate.Year after year, over and over again.Therefore, ambition is not high in years, no ambition empty long hundred years old!Think reason has nothing to do with age, no matter in which age all want to speak the truth, listen to the truth.At the same time, we should also talk about our ideals and stay true to our original aspiration.More importantly, put into action, accumulated over a long period of time, unswerving!If a reason you said understand, a talk about ideal you abandon wordy, that you really “finished barbie Q”!What can we do if we do not talk about our ideals?Is the heart languorous or lazy?Are playthings bored?Or is it fickle?But you know how desperate things are!There is only one consequence for a person who does not follow the right path, that is: he will not live for his SINS, and he will die for his unrighteousness.Steed leap, not ten steps!Ten inferior horse riding, gongin not give up!Nothing in this world can be done overnight, and if it is, it is a blind chance or a trifle.It is said that the impatient can not eat hot tofu, the beginning of the edge of nature everyone is happy, the late success is also precious.Don’t worry, you want years will give you!But you have to work like hell for it and persevere!On the road to realize our ideals, we all come to the same destination, sooner or later?As long as the ideal and put into practice, perseverance, that is the world’s most valuable, meaningful things!Whether you become a teacher, a civil servant, a provincial governor, a geographer, a scientist, a musician, an entrepreneur, a billionaire…As long as you do your best all the way, all meaningful, no regrets!But let us not be too headstrong and aim high;More can not disorderly yuanyang, everything must be practical and realistic.In May 2013, for example, when the “China Dream” craze was just beginning, the 23-year-old locator worker from Nantong, Jiangsu province, who had only attended technical school, told CCTV that she wanted to be a “national leader.”There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big.But what makes people criticize is that you didn’t even go to college, and worked in construction for 4 years is just an ordinary worker, how can you become a national leader?Even if you pass the sats now and go to college, it still takes time, right?Of all the college students, you’re guaranteed a high government job when you get out?Would the great Nation elect a leader who has no qualifications and no political achievements?It is possible to become the president of that company, but becoming a national leader is a mockery.This wave of operations, at best, is sensationalism, water moon mirror flowers, castles in the air.The above is my supplement to the article “ambition is not old, no ambition is empty long hundred years old! Do not speak big truth, do not talk about ideal, what we do”.Finally, I wish dongguan Baobao Garment Co., LTD a good start tomorrow, Saturday, February 12, 2022!God and man wish!Luxuriantly!Calligrapher Luo Linyou’s work