3-0, the fish team played the best game of the season, the premier League vice president finally changed team

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Burnley beat Brighton 3-0 with goals from Sam Weichorst, Gary Brownhill and John Lennon as burnley played their best game of the season at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.Burnley’s form has been dreadful this season, with just one win from 21 Premier League games and a total of 14 points, bottom of the premier League.However, burnley have been winless in their last four games, drawing with Arsenal and Manchester United and losing only one goal at home to Liverpool in the last round.Burnley have entered the final stretch of the season with a strong determination to avoid relegation.In contrast, home Brighton have played better, with 33 points from 24 games and no relegation worries.After the opening of the game, burnley away from home, very active in attack.Brighton escaped in the ninth minute when Connor Roberts’ shot bounced off the woodwork.In the 20th minute, burnley broke the deadlock as Werkhorst gave the premiership vice-premier league leaders the lead.In the 35th minute, the Burnley keeper made two successive saves from Brighton.In the 39th minute, Brownhill scored again to give Burnley a 2-0 lead at the end of the half.With a two-goal lead going into the second half, the premier League vice-premier looked as if Brighton had been outplayed by the visitors, disjointed in attack and riddled with errors in defence.In the 69th minute, lennon scored again on the 17th, burnley away 3-0 lead, the game lost suspense in advance, Burnley away battle early lock win!Three goals in either half from Wayne weihorst, Gary Brownhill and John Lennon gave Burnley a 3-0 victory over Brighton in their best game of the season and a temporary reprimanding from their position as deputy premier League leaders.