Li Liqun’s wife: abandon course of study return home subject to mother-in-law by every means create difficulties, mother-in-law dies just cry with husband complain grievance

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“We are not surprised at a glance, but I saw her at the first sight want to marry her home” most people said “from the level of appearance, trapped in talent, loyal to character”, in Li Liqun’s wife Lin Liqin has a very good embodiment.She wenwan generous, gentle as water, she learned from the high gate, twenty-two years old kowtowed to learn lingnan school painting, 26 years old put down all the future glory choose to marry Li Liqun.After marriage, whether it is daily necessities or household trifles, she does everything by herself, and never complains with her husband even when conflicts occur between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.Like her own best vow of love.Since the first sight of each other, that life I am doomed to be with you.Li Liqun, Li Guoxiu and Lai Shengchuan set up the workshop in 1984, when Lin Liqin was still a big girl.It was the workshop they set up that enabled her to become attached to Li Liqun.That day, Li Liqun went to Li Guoxiu’s home for a meeting. The three of them were ready to discuss the arrangements for their work. Li Guoxiu’s second sister-in-law just came here to be a guest.One was trying to get in and the other was trying to get out, but the door frame was so narrow that they had to pass sideways.Then came the romantic scene of the hero and heroine meeting for the first time in an idol drama.Lin liqin and Li Liqun pass by. Li Liqun glances at a girl nine years younger than him.But even the sight gave him a sense of deja vu, which, in the current Internet slang, means “you already know what your baby’s name is at first sight”.And Lin Liqin is just because of this fleeting glance blush blush, perhaps out of the girl’s sixth sense, she always feel with this side of the fate of the man will happen more stories.To say that Li Liqun is decisive enough, just saw a glance, ran to ask Li Guoxiu, just hurried out of the room of the girl is who.I don’t know. It’s not a coincidence.Li Liqun at the first sight of Lin Liqin is Li Guoxiu’s sister, li Liqun immediately asked Li Guoxiu to introduce Lin Liqin to him.Waiting for many days finally came to li Guoxiu’s first phone call, the results of Li Guoxiu said Lin Liqin already had a boyfriend, Li Liqun some disappointed, chasing little girl things can only stop.But I do not know whether it is yuelao xianling, and a few days later, Li Guoxiu said that the other people temporarily have no boyfriend, Li Liqun listened to almost excited night did not fall asleep, urged Li Guoxiu to hurry up to introduce Lin Liqin to him.All say li Liqun to Lin Liqin is love at first sight, Lin Liqin read Li Liqun’s first glance edge is also very good.Even with a nine-year age difference, they couldn’t resist their mutual attraction.However, compared with Li Liqun, Lin Liqin is no love experience, 20 years old before the school has been studying carefully, is a gentle and clever girl in the home.At the age of 22, she went to the lingnan school. If she had not met Li Liqun, she would probably be a famous landscape painter now.Although it was love at first sight for both of them, they chose not to fall in love, and their first official meeting was a blind date.Blind date is different from ordinary dating, dating is to confirm the relationship, to put it bluntly, two people together to play a game, satisfied with the further development, not satisfied with the then walk away.However, blind date is different. Blind date is to meet with a very formal attitude and purpose, that is, to get married. Once satisfied, you can prepare for marriage.Perhaps the fate of two people in their previous life, Lin Liqin and Li Liqun dating very successful, know less than a few months into the palace of marriage.02 However, the previous love is a matter of two people, marriage is different, marriage is a matter of two families.In the past, when you were in a relationship, you almost only need to think about the couple, but after you get married, you are not only the couple, but also the parents and children of both parties.As a woman of the last century, Lin Was very traditional. After her marriage to Li Liqun, she gave up studying Lingnan ink painting.Once twenty-two years old of her worship into a high family, for the sake of the family, she would rather “living in the folk”, behind her husband that silently pay but do not want to return the woman.Shortly after their marriage, Lin became pregnant.However, even with the advanced medical level, it is still a very risky thing for a woman to give birth, not to mention postpartum recovery is a difficult problem.At the time of birth, it is also in danger of life.When Lin Liqin gave birth to her first child, li Liqun was scared to accompany his wife and hold her hand all the time.Hear a doctor to say difficult labor, frighten husband and wife both at a loss, hurriedly under Li Liqun can only call the father-in-law that asks to learn traditional Chinese medicine.Fortunately, Lin’s father was calm and asked the couple to listen to the doctor and prepare for a Caesarean section, which was not easy to give birth to the child.Then Lin Liqin gave birth to three children, almost every two years, two of the three children are difficult labor, for this family, she really paid a lot.But to have and raise a child is not only to have and raise it, but also to raise and educate it is the most important and most annoying thing.But At that time, Li was on the rise and often went out to act, leaving Lin at home and relying on her for the education of their three children.Not only does she have to do the housework and take care of the parents, she also has to educate the children, take care of the dishes and ask questions about their homework.Until the child is grown, she spins like a top and never rests.However, she has educated her children well. The eldest is studying abroad to follow in his father’s footsteps, the second is interested in painting and is also studying hard, and the third is studying abroad.She’s really amazing as a mother.But the mere worry of trivial life and children’s education is not the most troublesome, all married women fear is the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.However, the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is almost an eternal problem, it is difficult to find a satisfactory solution, and Lin Liqin’s way to deal with the contradiction is “endure”.Most conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are caused by one or both of them being strong, but Li Liqun’s mother is a strong and domineer.When Li Liqun stayed at home, it was ok, after all, there was a son sitting as a mother is not good to pick what fault daughter-in-law, but once Li Liqun went on a business trip to work, Lin Liqin’s “bitter day” will come.When she was doing the housework carefully, her mother-in-law would run over and scold her for not doing well in the housework. When she prepared the meals carefully, her mother-in-law would criticize her for not doing as well as herself.No matter big or small, her mother-in-law has her head over her.But as a daughter-in-law, also as The wife of Li Liqun, Lin Liqin did not plead for what, but a person silently endured the mother-in-law of her point.Every time only When Li Liqun comes home, Lin Liqin can live a few days of peace, but the contradiction between her and her mother-in-law, but never said with her husband Li Liqun.Until her mother-in-law died later, she inadvertently revealed some of the things that happened before, Li Liqun is also at that time just know how his wife is not easy.Because love this family, also love Li Liqun, so Lin Liqin made a concession on a lot of things.She gave up her dream to care for her family.She sacrificed most of her time to take care of her three children;In order to be able to let her husband have a stable rear, she silently endured the mother-in-law’s nitpicking, do not complain not resentment, she did a woman can do the largest gentle and inclusive.But love is like this, you ache ache me, I also ache ache you, wife’s pay Li Liqun also see in the eye.So even though they are over 70 years old, they talk on the phone every day as long as they are apart, and they even say “I love you” every day.Some people say that old husband and wife do so very disgusting, but love is not “I love you”, I also want to let you know I love you?As the saying goes, love should be spoken out, since love is not enough, you have to tell her constantly, the loved one will also need to be told at any time.Because “I love you” is never a secret that needs to be hidden.04 that year 26 years old Lin Liqin met 35 years old Li Liqun, there is no gorgeous encounter, there is no dog blood plot, just love at first sight, destined for a lifetime.Even now, at the age of an old married couple, they still cross the street holding hands.Li Liqun’s money is also all handed over to Lin Liqin’s hands, one in front of the struggle, one in the back of the guard of the whole family.Because we love each other, the nine-year age difference is never a burden.Because love each other, so Lin Liqin is willing to bear all the injustice of suffocation alone only to return her husband a clean, stable rear area.Many people say that love turns into affection in the end, but now that is not accurate.Rather than love into affection, love after years of precipitation and all kinds of experience of grinding, and add the attributes of affection.Young love is passionate, I am willing to bring all beautiful, romantic things to you.But the love of old husband and wife is as long as the person you love in their side can feel the years quiet, do not need anything to support, as long as the hand in hand, as if embrace the world.Now, Li is nearly 70 years old. Recently, his new TV series Hong Shang, also aired on CCTV, and his acting skills have been praised by audiences.In his late 20s, he is still able to pose for the camera thanks to his loving wife Lin Li-chin, who guards the family.There’s always a girl in love who asks her boyfriend, “If I’m older and fatter and less beautiful and fat, will you still like me?”It turns out that love does not need to rely on these superficial things to maintain, people will eventually get old, fat old skin flabby sooner or later.But the person who loves you won’t care because it’s a proof that you’ve been with you for years and years.Love is not the most important thing, but those lonely bitter days, I have you can embrace together to spend.