Snow in 63 counties and districts of Shandong province is expected to end tonight

2022-08-06 0 By

On February 14, the reporter learned from shandong meteorological Observatory that under the continuous influence of this round of strong cold air, northwest shandong, Shandong and the peninsula area precipitation, wind, cooling weather.From The night of 13th to the morning of 14th, a total of 63 counties (districts and cities) in Shandong saw snow, with an average precipitation of 0.2 mm (the same below).Average of cities: Yantai 0.8, Dongying 0.4, Binzhou 0.3, Dezhou 0.3, Qingdao 0.2, Weifang 0.2, Liaocheng 0.2, Weihai 0.2, Jinan 0.2, Tai ‘an 0.1, Zibo 0.1, no snow in other cities.There are 5 stations with more than 1.0, and the top 3 are: Yantai Penglai 2.3, Yantai Changdao 1.6 and Yantai Longkou 1.4.Strong cold air is expected to end on the night of the 14th.Snow situation and forecast: from day to night, it will be overcast with light snow to cloudy in central Shandong and Peninsula area, and cloudy in other areas.Snow is expected to end in the Peninsula around 20 o ‘clock on The 14th.Wind condition and forecast: at present, the average wind in the province is level 3 to 4.In the next 24 hours, the north wind will weaken from 5 ~ 6 gust force 7 to 4 ~ 5 over the peninsula, from 4 ~ 5 gust force 6 to 3 ~ 4 in the eastern part of central Shandong, and from 3 ~ 4 in other areas.Temperature situation and prediction: in the past 24 hours, the lowest temperature in ningjin city was -4.6℃, and the highest temperature was 11.6℃ in Taierzhuang.The lowest temperature in the next 24 hours: -7℃ in the eastern part of northwest Shandong, central Shandong and the inland area of the Peninsula, -3℃ in southwest Shandong, and -5℃ in other areas.Source: Dazhong Daily wechat official account