The rapper has apologised for elbowing a busker and transferring a 0.01 “bonus” to him

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The most important thing about this person is his good quality and good conduct. This person’s conduct is not good. Even if he is rich, do not associate with him.On the other hand, even if a person is not successful temporarily, or is a very ordinary person, but as long as his conduct is good, he is a person worthy of deep friendship and reliance.In this era when everything is fast, in order to live a better life in this society, many people will put on a mask to cover their true self.Some people just want to fit in with others, while others have a mask of hypocrisy to hide the evil they’re hiding in their hearts.Uncle singing was “despised” April 2 coordinates in a restaurant, a Tibetan old man is the restaurant singing, confident listen to listen to actually uncle singing is very good, many ethnic minorities are good at singing and dancing, no worse than those professional.A man was having dinner with his friends. He looked back at the old man who was singing and then gave him an elbow that didn’t actually attack the old man, but was clearly threatening.In fact, singing met this kind of unfriendly people is still a lot of, uncle is not just out of the young, brief face embarrassed for a while, then resume smile to continue singing.However, the man was not going to let the man go. He picked up his phone, scanned the man’s code, and then gave him a tip of 0.01 yuan. He also held up his phone for others to see.Perhaps he felt very happy, but many netizens said the smile is really disgusting, bullying such an honest singer.Who is superior to whom?If it was just an ordinary person, many netizens would have been able to stop scolding him, but some netizens discovered that the young man who bullied him was actually a rapper.This makes many netizens can not accept, the same is singing, the young man’s practice is unacceptable, it is so urgent.Perhaps one day he will have a bad career, in order to maintain life had to take to the street singing, at that time also someone so humiliated him, he will not regret for the way before.Who’s nobler than a rapper or a busker?There are always some people in this world, with a kind of inexplicable sense of superiority, always feel that this is not worthy of their own, that is not worthy of their own.To put it bluntly, such people often have no promise and feel very inferior in heart, so they will make some so-called bloodlines and status to elevate themselves.As the online debate intensified, the rapper finally came out and apologized, first saying he was very sorry.The rapper then said he had been trying to find the singer on the street for a long time, but could not find him to apologize in person.Later, I realized that I had transferred money to the other party, and found a function in the transfer record to leave a message to the other party. I had also left a message to the rap uncle.For a lot of users said their big out to apologize, but they have a pile of trumpet names, only one number, those trumpet are fake.However, many netizens were not impressed. Some felt his apology was not sincere, while others thought it would be over if everyone apologized, and some people’s morality would only get worse in the future.Conduct must come first in any profession, and there may be some people who, through dishonest means, gain some kind of advantage.But if the conduct is not good, these things will gradually lose out, this kind of living example has been more than once played out, heaven is good reincarnation, let’s see who heaven forgive.Despite the rapper’s apology, countless netizens were unimpressed, with some finding that the rapper’s account was no longer searchable and wondering whether he had deleted it or had been blocked by the platform.Some netizens said: God wants to let it perish, must shilling its crazy, now a lot of people have a little money to float to heaven, clear action and learn to learn virtue first and other ideas can be said to be very popular.There is no distinction between high and low, we just want to live in different industries, do not overinflate because of their own achievements, or lower their heads to improve themselves, to bring you more excellent works, so that we can go long.