Welcome the god of wealth on the fifth day of the New Year. Learn some English related to wealth

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The fifth day of the first month or the birthday of the God of wealth the fifth day of the first month to welcome the god of wealth, every family revenue rolling every family to “welcome the god of wealth” so the problem how and foreigners to introduce the “god of wealth”?You can’t say “money God”.Is money God the first thing that comes to mind?The God of Wealth is called the God of money. It is so common to say that money is the God of Wealth.Eg: The God of Prosperity/pr-buhl.hve.ti/the God of ProsperityThe God of fortune. I hope all of us can be blessed by. I hope all of us can be blessed by the God of Fortune.Hope we all can be patronized by the god of wealth ~ “welcome god of wealth” how to say?You can’t say: “Welcome the God of Fortune to my home!”E. G. Wade should get up early to worship the God of Fortune today.Parents are advised to join the Cambridge Exam Prep Group, if you have any questions about registration/examination/study, we will answer them in detail!(Add wechat and pull you to the group)